Rome Was Founded By Two Kids – Here’s The Story

The most commonly known theory/myth the existence and founding of Ancient Rome holds that it was created by two children named Romulus and Remus who had the intention of building a new Troy – the plan of remaking the most glorious city in all of the known world.

The boys were twins and demigods, sons of Rhea Silvia. Rhea Silvia was daughter to the King of Alba Longa, called Numitor. Amulius, brother of Numitor, was primary heir to the throne, but if Rhea concieved any children, they would certainly grow up to be heirs, with a better claim to royalty then he had.

Therefore, he forced Rhea to swear an oath that would prevent her from having children. She broke the oath by parenting her two boys, Romulus and Remus. Amulius, in fury, took the young twins and had them thrown into a river.

Not realising that the tide of the river would not be sufficient to kill them, he left with his men, believing they would be dead. Fortunately, they had survived. They came to rest beside a sacred fig tree on the banks of the River Tiber, immediately to be met by a she-wolf who was apparently sent by the god of war, Mars, the defender of Romulus and Remus.

They had arrived at the Palatine hill, one of the seven future hills of Rome. Founding a city in the area, Romulus constructed a wall about his town. However, the city was not named yet. As the twins could not know who was born first, they decided to wait on two separate hills and wait until the Gods indicated to them who would be ruler.

When Remus saw six birds of prey glide across his hill, he claimed kingship and insisted that the new Troy should be built there. Then twelve vultures were seen circling above Romulus’ hill, but even so, Remus refused to change his opinion.

The brothers got in a deep fight, fueled by each others’ desperate ambitions.

The ruins at the Palatine hill in Rome.

Remus mocked his twin brother’s city by leaping over the wall, showing extreme disrespect for the wills of the gods.

Remus was trying to make the statement that the walls would not protect Romulus’ city. Romulus replied saying that the people of his city would patriotically defend itself!

Horrified by his brother’s evils, Romulus slaughtered him and named the city after himself, hence the name “Rome”.

Rome grew exponentially as a city, utilising many sources of income. The Romans would remain in the Mediterranean for over 1,100 years. Seven Kings ruled Rome after its founding in 753 BC before it became a Republic, than an Empire.

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