History lover? Five apps you need NOW

Here is a little list of five really great apps all people interested in learning history should have on their phone or tablet.

1. Podcasts App

I use this app almost every day, to listen to my favourite history podcasts. There is a huge range on The Podcast App and each series tends to have over 50+ episodes. The app has a clean and simple feel, looks modern and you can easily organise all episodes into a Watch Later playlist, as well as subscribing to different series. You can see what other podcasts are popular.

2. World History Quiz Trivia

It may seem like yet another one of those badly written, glitchy and old fashioned history quiz games, but it’s definitely not. Everything has a very neat feel, and there are multiple difficulties, each with around twenty levels.

There is a lot of random history facts you can learn from this. I like how you can purchase “hints” with your points. However, one downside is that your points can go into the negatives, especially when you have to use trial and error to find the correct answer on new levels. You get the questions you don’t know the answers to wrong, and your points drop to -200. Ouch.

3. Trenches of War

I found this app when looking for World War I games, and it hasn’t let me down. You can buy infantry, snipers, tanks, aeroplanes and artillery to capture trenches, lead advances and fight the Germans.

You get money over time and when you kill enemy troops, and you can use this to hire soldiers and machinery to head out of your barracks and onto the battlefield.

There are multiple different scenarios, like Western and Eastern Front, and the game teaches you the basics of attacking, ie don’t advance in the rain!

4. Khan Academy

If you really want to get serious and actually learn some solid information, then you’d better download Khan Academy.

Taking lessons is easy – you select what you want to do, you read the articles/essays or watch the videos, and gather points for your work. You can take quizzes at the end of a course, and secure your knowledge. There is a wide selection of World History lessons, from Ancient Times To Modern. At the moment, I’m learning about Ancient Rome.

Although it was originally created to teach maths and English and the basic subjects, I only ever use it for history (but occasionally physics) and it is often a great reference source if you’re not sure about something.

5. Habitify

I’ve only tried this app out for about a week or two, but it’s really great for keeping track of your learning and historical reading. With the free version, you can set three daily tasks, and tick off your progress as you go. You get reminders at certain times to study, read some pages or watch a documentary.

And no, it isn’t just another calendar app. It gives you productivity percentages and data on how well you’ve been doing. Additionally, it tells you what you’ve got left to do in a given day. It has really helped me keep learning every day. The satisfaction of slowly knocking your percents up is really nice.

Thanks for reading! If you liked this article, let me know whether you want one on “Five Best History Games” or something like that.

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