History – Guest Blogging, Reviews and Sponsors

Hi all,

Currently I am in the process of expanding my blog and trying to find brands to work with to benefit both of us.

Because of this, I am hoping to start a new series of “Reviewing History Products” where I’ll promote brands and inspect their products to drive traffic to them and get them sales. I’ve had a few say that they can do this, which is great.

I’m also possibly looking for sponsors for the blog, who want to pay a very low amount of money for a promotional post or links to their website. By this I mean £5+ for a post, and I’ll make it my personal mission to create a long lasting connection with small businesses and help them along the way.

I believe this can benefit both me and whomever I work with.

So everyone out there, I am looking for sponsors or online stores that want to send me stuff to review! If you want to get involved, contact me by this email:


I will reply within two days.

Additionally, I’d really enjoy guest posting on other people’s sites. I can do this for FREE but if you can pay me a tiny amount, I will take time to make a very well written, SEO maximised post. If you also want to write for my blog, The Augustus, let me know!

I can’t wait to work with the History Loving community!

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