Titus Livius’ History of Rome Summary [Bk1Ch2]

I’ve read a few more chapters of Livy’s great work, the History of Rome. Here is my simple summary of the second chapter of the first book:

  • King Turnus of the Rutulians had been betrothed to Lavinia
  • Therefore when Aeneas married her, he declared war on Latinus and Aeneas
  • A battle takes place…
  • Latinus is killed
  • Turnus is furious at the loss of the battle and allies with Menzentius, King of the Etruscans
  • Menzentius has been worried about the rise of that tiny city, so he willingly agrees to help Turnus
  • Aeneas unites all his people as “Latins”
  • The battle is won for the Latins, but Aeneas is killed
  • Aeneas is buried by the Numicius

If you liked this extremely brief and simple summary, share it with your friends! The History of Rome is a very interesting to read manuscript. I highly recommend you give it a try.

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As I read more, I’ll note things down in following blog posts.


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