Christmas is coming… but what’s on The Augustus?

What do we have to look forward to this December? Here I’ve compiled a list of posts which I’ve either planned to start or have already begun researching. I hope you find something that you are interested in!

1. Ten medieval documentaries for the modern knight

If you love the Middle Ages, and have a lack of research material for getting started in learning about the old times, then this post will surely help you out! There will be ten of the best documentaries, long and short, for discovering the Medieval era.

I’ll have to start watching a few before I write the post!

2. The legacy of Emperor Augustus!

He founded the Empire, led his people out of a period of bloodshed and terror to become one of the greatest ruling powers in Europe, and lent his name to this website.

So it is inevitable that we’ll end up talking about what he did for Rome, and whether he was a good leader for the city.

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3. Five more history questions!

I’m not sure what these questions and answers are going to be yet, but there sure are a ton! I really enjoyed the post last time, so I decided it would be fun to do it again.

Answering popular questions that are asked frequently is a good way of shedding light on some misunderstood topics.

4. First ever book reviews on The Augustus!

Because I read a lot of historical nonfiction (and fiction), I have a lot of material which I can review for the blog. This will be quite interesting, as I can see your responses to these publications and you can decide whether you’d like to give them a read!

5. The hardships of medieval farming

The average medieval peasant had only 1,500 calories to eat and must work around twelve hours per day for his living. I’ll be explaining the basics of medieval farming organisation and what it took across the seasons to keep the agricultural community on its feet.

6. History of Christmas

And, of course, why would I not do a history of Christmas during Advent? We’ll talk about the rise of Christianity, the foundations for the festival and how it came to be popular with royals in the Middle Ages and in Victorian times.

Anything you are looking forward to? If you are interested in a particular topic, let me know in the comments and I’ll try my best to write something on it!

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