Hoardes Of 17th Century Cannonballs Found In Stockholm

Archaeologists excavating around Stockholm in Sweden stumbled upon a treasure trove of various military equipment, including “hundreds” of cannonballs dating back to the great age of Newton, Elizabeth I and Bach.

Credit: Archaeology Mag

They were discovered in the centre of Stockholm, a large industrial city which grew from its iron trade. Most likely they were left there as excess ammunition when the area demilitarised.

However, they still have not figured out entirely why so many military resources were just left alone – not only projectiles for cannons, but grenades as well.

Around 200 cannonballs each weighing 1 -8 kilos.

Not much information has been disclosed about the current situation, and we are yet to see what becomes of this archaeological discovery.

Got a theory? Why not share it below!


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