Stop using a diary, start using this war journal

Hello, second episode of “Reviewing History Products”! It is thanks to my kind donor, James at History Gear, that I am able to continue doing these; he has sent me a package of different things to inspect and write upon. I’ve had a look at what has arrived, and it’s fair to say that I’m pleased!

This item is History Gear’s WW1 Retro Pad, designed to feel authentic and bring history into your day to day life.

I’m always on the lookout for good notebooks which I can use to note down history facts, a to do list, and a schedule for my next articles – so this is a plus.

The paper feels standard but not cheap, and the pad is printed with several columns for Place, Date, Hour, Summary of Events and Information and Remarks and references to Appendices.

In the package also I found two Benjamin Franklin pencils, printed with his famous quote:

“Write your injuries in dust, your benefits in marble”

These pencils are high quality and printed nicely with clear, bold text, which gives them that posh feel. After all, they sell in packs of two for $6.88, so you’ll want to get something smart looking to show off that you are a history buff at your office!

I’m certain that I’ll be using this Retro Pad often – when you see a new article from me, you know I have planned it on it!

This is definitely the perfect product for someone who uses notebooks a lot, is an amateur general, or just likes history.

I’m currently working on my next review of the rest of the products History Gear sent me – stay tuned.

Think your or someone you know would like this product? Buy it here:

And the pencils here:


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