Titus Livius’ History Of Rome Summary [Bk1Ch3]

In the past few days, I’ve been reading far into Livy’s History of Rome. But as I do not want to clog my blog up with constant summaries, I’m taking it slow. Hope the summary of chapter 3 helps you….

  • We do not know who took the throne after Aeneas
  • But it remained safe while his son Ascanius, was too young to rule
  • Ascanius leaves the Latins and founds the city of Alba Longa
  • The river Albula, renamed the Tiber, became the border against the Etruscans
  • Ascanius succeeded by Silvius
  • Silvius succeeded by Aeneas Silvius
  • Aeneas Silvius succeeded by Latinus Silvius
  • The remaining kings of Alba were:
    Tiberinus – drowned in the River Alba and therefore it became known as the river Tiber
    Romulus Silvius – struck by lightning
    Crown goes to Aventinus
    Proca has two sons – Numitor and Amulius.

Amulius exiles Numitor just out of sheer envy at his position of King. He kills Numitors sons and makes his daughter, Rhea Silver, a vestal virgin – therefore she is never allowed to have a child, so Amulius’ and his children will stay on the throne.

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