Awesome History Gear For Lovers Of The Past!

It’s my birthday today, and I realised it would be a great time to write another episode of “Reviewing History Products”. Shoutout to James at History Gear for sending these amazing products to The Augustus to review!

Although the box was small, it was packed with a lot of interesting and high-quality products. I love history so they were really my kind of thing!

1. Lancaster Bombers T-Shirt

This was the first item I checked out. The Lancaster Bombers tshirt is made of comfortable, quality fabric and the colours look great. I like how the design is subtle so that you could be a non-history-lover and still like it.

2. Choctaw 1847 T-Shirt

The Choctaw were a group of American Native Indians, and 1847 marks the date when they raised money as a gift to the poor of Ireland. I found absolutely no faults with the t-shirt; again, it is comfortable, looks good, and arrived nicely folded and packaged.

3. Endurance Expedition Coasters

Each coaster is manufactured from hard paper-wood with a shiny, colourful print. I’ve tested these and there is no fading or tearing. They’re excellent for any cuppa! They came in a pack of four in a nice, fabric bag printed with the History Gear Logo. The Endurance Expedition saw Ernest Shackleton lead his polar explorers in an attempt to land on and explore Antarctica. Great for the sailor, modern history lover, geologist and more!

4. Gold Club Patent Print

I was really surprised by this product, because its an abstract field of history which we don’t look at often. I think this would be awesome for any golf hobbyist, or aspiring inventor! The shiny, well printed surface makes it look excellent and it shines nicely when on display. If I ever get to frame it, I’ll update this review! Trust me, this poster is worth it.

Thanks again to James for sending these! Very generous. If you know someone who would like any of the products, click here to take a look:

Or read my previous review of History Gear:

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