Grievous Vows and Divine Protection (Lombard Kingdom Part 3)

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On the ramparts of the city of Pavia, the citizens cast their eyes down in misery as they watch the enemy soldiers of King Alboin intercept and destroy another desperate emergency supply train bringing support to the city’s population. Food supplies are running abysmally low and with reinforcement routes blockaded all around the city by Alboin’s soldiers, Pavia’s residents are becoming troubled. They cannot hold out much longer. It seems as if their situation can’t get any worse. The besiegers have dropped rotting animal carcasses over the walls and now disease is rampant, further reducing numbers of the few trained men who can fight back. If the enemies get inside the walls, the citizens know there will be no chance of mounting a resistance. It will be game over.

We improved the audio quality of this episode to eliminate muffled audio, and re uploaded. Enjoy!

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Research and Writing: Joshua Potts

Voice: Bill Odman

Music: Kevin Macelod, SilvermanSound, numerous artists from Epidemic Sound.

Please email me at for copyright issues.

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