Article Updates #2

Some more work has been done on the article Take a tour of Ancient Rome, and I hope you enjoy the additions. If you yourself have something to contribute to the article, let me know!

This paragraph about living as a wealthy person:

For the richer folk, life could still be hard. You may have a fancy villa, but space was still limited and you would have to deal with the same congestion problems as everyone else. Wealthy residents rode in litters, carried by slaves at the front and back.

I added a paragraph about furniture;

There was a general lack of furniture; it was expensive, hard to purchase and not to mention a waste of space for many people who barely had space to pace up and down their room.

Some lovely things, but only if you have the money:

Mosaics were popular in expensive homes – colourful, artistic depictions and thousands of tiny coloured tiles. Villas could be heated from beneath the floor with systems known as “hypocausts”. Essentially, the floor was held up by many little pillars and a large fire was lit underneath the ground, and the heat from the smoke would make the room above warm.

And I’m still adding more! If you want to stay updated on what I’ve been doing to previous articles, just search up “Article Updates” on my website.

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Take A Tour Of Ancient Rome

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