Charles Walter Simpson, 1885-1971

Charles Walter Simpson was a semi-famous painter living in the 20th century, who became known for his colourful depictions of animals, notably horses and birds hunting scenes and landscapes.

Born in Camberley, Surrey on the 8th May 1885, Charles Walter Simpson suffered a riding injury at the age of fifteen and was unable to follow his father, Major General C. R. Simpson of the Lincolnshire Regiment, into the army.

Charles taught himself his painting skills but later went on to study in multiple cities, much of the time in Paris. He was also involved in many art competitions, winning himself gold and silver awards. Simpson had forty-nine paintings exhibited in London’s Royal Academy.

In 1913, Simpson married Ruth Alison, another artists, and the pair went to found a school at St. Ives.

Charles Walter Simpson’s paintings were mainly oil on canvas works or watercolour.

He died in October 1971, whilst living in Cornwall.

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