Titus Livius’ History of Rome Summary [Bk1Ch4]

It’s getting a little bit more interesting here; we’re almost at the founding of Rome. Here is the brief summary of chapter 4…

  • Rea Silva refuses to follow her ban and has two children, Romulus and Remus
  • It is said that the birth was by the will of Mars
  • Rea is thrown into prison
  • The children were ordered to be thrown into the River Tiber
  • Because the river had overflown, the murderers thought the water would be high enough to kill them
  • The cradle is left on dry ground, where a she-wolf looks after them
  • The children are found by a farmer, Faustulus
  • Romulus and Remus grew to love hunting, fighting and stealing, and shared their booty with fellow shepherds

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